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anne-martinAnne Martin is CEO United Van Lines, Canada’s largest network of moving companies and the winner of multiple third party awards, including Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies award for three years running.  

Below she talks about the value that she and her company have received by drawing on the wide network of knowledge and experience that is CEO Global Network.

CEOGN: How long have you been a member of CEO Global Network?

AM: I’ve been a member for two years.

CEOGN: How did you find out about the organization?

AM: Another member introduced me to John Wilson.

CEOGN: Please tell us why you joined CEO Global Network and what expectations you had at the start of your membership.

AM: I think the main part was to be better at my job.  The opportunity to talk to other Presidents and to share with outside people who understand your reality – to have their advice and their experience – is really useful.  It can get lonely at the top.

It’s nice to have a place where you can bounce ideas around and hear about others’ lives, the decisions they made, and learn from them.

My expectations were that I would meet other CEOs and learn a great deal about balance – that I would learn about having a family life and a professional life and making them all work together.  CEO Global Network is very clear on what they’re going to deliver.

CEOGN: How successfully has CEO Global Network delivered on your original expectations?

It’s been excellent.  One of the interesting things, for me, is that we’re a mid-range company, but there are people in CEO Global Network who do billions of dollars in sales.  And so you would never have the opportunity or the access to them; they’re just too busy.  So to have access to 16 of them in your meetings, or even at a dinner where there are 200+ people is amazing.

CEOGN: Please tell us the three highlights of your membership so far.  What stands out?

AM: First, there’s meeting with your leader:  I think it’s incredibly valuable to have those two hours alone. It’s very structured and you can get a lot done – you can pull out the big rocks and get that one-on-one advice.  People at CEO Global Network don’t just sit there and look at you, they speak up, it’s a very authentic environment.

Second, the group meetings: There’s camaraderie, there’s caring, there’s honesty and there’s insight.

Finally, staff development opportunities: I sent my own staff to CEO Global Network after I joined because I saw the benefit of it.  Watching your own staff grow and use the same skills and protocols you learned and then implement them in your organization is great.

CEOGN: When thinking of CEO Global Network, what three words first come to mind?

AM: Caring, Authentic, Insightful

CEOGN: What value has CEO Global Network delivered to you personally?

AM: Accountability – having your feet held to the fire has really helped me understand the importance of the one-on-one meetings. There’s a real opportunity to focus on your accountability to others, as well as theirs. I think that I’ve become much more accountable and have gotten a lot more work done.  I’ve seen better results, more expected results, and more controlled results.

CEOGN: What impact has CEO Global Network had on your organization?

AM: We make better decisions as a team – in many ways we’ve become a team.  CEO Global Network has really helped me break down the silos in my organization.  We all think that we’re implementing cross-pollination all the time, but over the last two years we’ve become a lot better at making it a reality.

We’ve also started sharing an organizational language and that has come from CEO Global Network.

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