Optimize Your Sales Force in 30 Days

June 8th, 2017 – 7:30 to 9:30am
Galt Country Club
750 Coronation Boulevard, Cambridge


Graham Rawlinson

President & CEO, Progressive Concepts Inc.

Join Graham as he discusses proven techniques and strategies that will help you “Optimize Your Sales Force in 30 Days” to achieve the unthinkable!

This highly interactive workshop is designed to deal with the issues that you bring to the table and to help you understand why your business is not growing as fast as it could and should be.


  • Why your salespeople aren’t closing more business
  • Why your salespeople aren’t prospecting for new business
  • Why your revenue is dropping unexpectedly


  • How to close sales in less time
  • How to hold firm on price and still get the business
  • How to turn “I’ll think it over” into an immediate decision
  • How much money your salespeople could be leaving on the table
  • If you have the right salespeople to win business and beat the competition


Hardman_TwitterHosted by Tim Hardman, Group Leader, CEO Global Network

Tim has an established track record of generating accelerated growth and transforming businesses on an international scale through the development of effective leadership teams and operational best practices.  


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