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jamie-moodyJamie Moody is President and CEO of Tree of Life, one of the largest distributors of specialty and natural foods in Canada. With over fifteen years experience as an executive, he has a wealth of information to share with new members. Below he shares how despite his broad experience, his membership in CEO Global Network continues to push him to learn more.

CEOGN: How long have you been a member of CEO Global Network?

JM: I call myself a Founding Member. I knew John [Wilson, Founder and CEO of CEO Global Network] before joining.

CEOGN: How did you find out about us?

JM: John had a vision for what a CEO networking organization should be, so he decided to set up CEO Global Network. He talked to me about the new organization and I liked what he had to offer, so I came aboard right from the start.

CEOGN: Please tell us why you joined CEO Global Network and what expectations you had at the start of your membership.

JM: I joined because this organization offered great learning opportunities, as well as bigger speakers and more networking. What distinguishes our group is that we get together many more times for networking events so we meet other CEOs and other top managers, and we’ve also been able to enjoy some really wonderful sessions: day-long sessions, half-day sessions, some breakfast and lunch sessions, and even some dinner speakers who come and share a wealth of information and experience.

CEOGN: How successfully has CEO Global Network delivered on your original expectations?

JM: The Network and the group that I belong to have definitely achieved what we set out to do. The feedback that we get and the way we hold each other accountable are tremendous. They have helped me both personally and in my business.

CEOGN: Please tell us the three highlights of your membership so far. What stands out?

JM: I am not really sure how to narrow that down to only three. As CEO Global Network Members, we tend to think about the “Big Thing” they help us with – and there are a couple of those. For example, this business was for sale under the previous ownership and I received some really great counsel on that front.

The Network really helps with the everyday stuff – the little ideas that add up to a lot. The management process that we have in place now is 100% learned from CEO Global Network and it has just been a tremendous boon to my organization. The highlights are an aggregation of a bunch of little things and boiling it down to three just doesn’t do the Network justice.

CEOGN: When thinking of CEO Global Network, what three words first come to mind?

JM: Wisdom, Learning, Support

CEOGN: What value has CEO Global Network delivered to you personally?

JM: When you run an organization it is hard to distinguish between what is personal and what is business – you are always immersed in the business in some way, shape or form.

I would say that through CEO Global Network I have created many new friendships that transcend the business and that has been really personally gratifying.

CEOGN: What impact has CEO Global Network had on your organization?

JM: I have seen the appetite for learning grow tremendously in my organization. For example, all my VPs attended Patrick Lencioni and Marshall Goldsmith daylong sessions to make sure we’re all drinking from the same fire hose of information.

We have what I refer to as the “A-Team” that drives the success of our organization. What is great about this team is that they all come back from these day-long sessions and say things like: “We need to do this,” or “We need to change here!” It has really evolved our management process and it has been wonderful to see that happen.

If I were to sum up the impact, I would say the main things that have come out of the CEO Global Network are meeting rhythm, the one-to-ones, and an amazing process that has helped me shape our team and create the trust and functional effectiveness that is required of any organization.

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