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Marcia Mayhew’s company, Mayhew, specializes in designing “bold, intelligent and profit-enhancing” workspaces.  Below she talks about how CEO Global Network helped her company achieve the distinction of being recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies™ and as one of The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™.

CEOGN: How long have you been a member of CEO Global Network?

MM: Since December of 2009

CEOGN: Please tell us why you joined CEO Global Network and what expectations you had at the start of your membership.

MM: I joined CEO Global Network because I felt alone at the top and was looking to share some of my experiences and learn from others. The expectations I had at the start of my membership were many.  I wanted to expand my network; hear about others’ business issues and be able to contribute to a solution; share my own corporate challenges and solicit feedback; and, gain access to a multitude of resources that others have employed successfully at their own firms.  And, if any of the relationships established through CEO Global Network led to new business for Mayhew & Associates, I would have considered that a bonus. 

CEOGN: How successfully has CEO Global Network delivered on your original expectations?

MM: Extremely successful – far surpassed any expectations I had at the beginning! 

CEOGN: Please tell us the three highlights of your membership so far.  What stands out?

MMFirst, there’s my advisory board – Having access to other CEOs who care about the success of my business as much as I do is remarkable and feels exceptionally unique.

Second, the one-to-ones with my Group Leader – my Group Leader brings a different and fresh perspective; he makes me think about issues and scenarios that I would not have otherwise.

Third, exposure to world-class thought leaders such as Jack Daly and Verne Harnish.

CEOGN: When thinking of CEO Global Network, what three words or phrases first come to mind?

MMBrain trust, Value-add, Excellence

CEOGN: What value has CEO Global Network delivered to you personally?

MMCEO Global Network has given me some tools, methods and the discipline to help me integrate my work and my life.  As a result, I feel more balanced, energized and focused both at the office and at home.

CEOGN: What impact has CEO Global Network had on your organization?

MMInternally, I made some fairly significant organizational changes that were challenging to execute but overdue for some time. CEO Global Network gave me the tools, courage, and support I needed to follow-through on these changes.  As a result, I now have a high-performing Executive team whom I trust and know I can count on, and Mayhew has become a performance-based culture where quality work and commitment is recognized and rewarded. 


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